Staying Safe

Staying Safe

While we take measures to keep the site clean and safe, it is impossible for us to verify the intentions and integrity of every single user. It is up to you to be alert when dealing with strangers.

Verify each other’s identity

You can do so via video call or a meet-up in person for instance and show each other the appropriate photo ID (IC, passport etc.). Organising trial sessions can help both parties determine if you’re a good match. This will help assure the quality of services provided, as well as level the expectations of both parties.

Issues about payment

Specify your preferred method of payment (e.g. cash, bank transfer) and make sure to have a written record of the agreement between the two of you if possible. You could also take a screenshot of any conversations over email or text to be sure. We recommend you keep a record of all transactions as well.

Using bank transfer

Ensure the name of the person you are transferring to belongs to the healthcare provider you work with. Avoid transferring to an account with a different name. Alternatively, you may try using paypal as they protect against fraud.

Check their reviews

You can view and leave reviews on any user’s account (both healthcare seekers and providers). This can help give you a better perspective on that user’s work ethics and true intentions. To find a user’s account, you can find their user ID on the contacts part of their profile and type that in the “All Members” page at the header.

Listen to your gut

Ultimately, listen to your gut. If at any time you feel uncomfortable with the arrangement, do not be afraid to terminate it immediately and even report the user to us on the Contact Us page if you feel necessary.