Profile Making & Job Applications

Profile Making Guide

Crafting a profile and applying for jobs is never easy. It’s competitive. However, with these tips, we hope to increase your chances of successfully linking with healthcare seekers here on Medihelp247.

1. Use a photo with a clear headshot

Your photo is most often the first part of your profile that people instinctively look at first. It will certainly affect their first impression of you. Choose an appropriate photo clearly showing your face. This gives healthcare seekers a better sense of who you are and some level of trust on the get-go. Avoid using photos of sceneries, cartoon characters or icons. 

2. Include only relevant details in your profile

Though it is good for  you to add as much details about yourself, your experiences and qualifications as possible, you also want to refrain from overloading healthcare seekers with too much information. Keep your profile succinct, including only details such as:

  • Your qualifications (if any – especially if you are already working in public or private healthcare)

  • Your educational background

  • Any positive feedback or experiences you have received from previous patients

  • Details about what manner of care you provide

  • Details about your schedule/timings you are available

By filling out as many fields as you can on Upload Profile, you can be sure you have already provided sufficient information.

3. Proper spelling and grammar

Using proper grammar, punctuation, spelling and capitalisation helps make your profile look more serious and professional. Grammarly and Microsoft Word are great online checkers you can use.

Mistakes in language can show a callous attitude which some may view as an extension of a tardy work ethic.

Additionally, avoid using short forms of words or abbreviations (e.g. hmu, lol). It’s unprofessional and too casual. Keep these for text messages with friends, not with potential hirers.

Lastly, we recommend you avoid using philosophical quotes in your profile. It very often backfires by making you appear pretentious, especially if the quote is applied incorrectly or misunderstood.

We hope this guide was helpful to you! With these tips in mind, click here to start uploading or editing your profile now.

Applying to Jobs

The amount of time, effort and care you put into drafting messages to send to potential employers is crucial. Many people tend to send a one-liner such as “Contact me at xxxxx” or start with a cold opening like “I’m only available on….days”.

Instead, you can try asking for more details about the job. This shows that you’re trying to understand the situation better and you can even suggest alternative suggestions that benefit both parties. If you’re able to speak their mother tongue, doing so would also make them feel more comfortable talking to you.

Avoid using a template or default message that you can find online when applying to jobs. Try to use your own writing style and draft your own message as it usually sounds more sincere and less robotic.

Try to write your first message in such a way that:

  • Shows you understand and care about their requirements

  • Makes your potential employer feel you understand their problem

  • Showcases your understanding of their needs

  • Shows that you have thought their offer through and offer a plausible compromise if there are any conflicts in arrangements

We hope this guide was helpful to you! Click here to browse and start applying to jobs now.